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Welcome to the Great Rewards Program!
The Great Rewards Program was created to honor non-profit organizations around the world. For years, non-profit organizations have worked to make a difference in the lives of millions who have sought their services. Every day non-profit organizations strive to utilize limited resources to fulfill humanitarian needs. The Great Rewards Program is our way of saying THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication to make this world a better place. We want to give back to the non-profit organizations who make these acts of generosity possible!

How the Great Rewards Program Works
Its simple. Every time you purchase online at FTGMicro  , we will donate *10% - 50% of the proceeds back to your organization. At the end of every month, FTGMicro   will send you a check in the amount of your *Proceed Percentage No questions asked.

*Proceed Percentage
Your Proceed Percentage is determined by your Order Amount. The Order Amount is the total and combined amount of your FTGMicro   online order(s) over the course of 30 calendar days. Please refer to the chart below:

Order Amount Proceed Percentage
Under $200 10%
Over $200 20%
Over $400 30%
Over $600 40%
Over $1000 50%

It gets even better. FTGMicro   is offering the Great Rewards Program to your organization to utilize as a fundraising opportunity. Every time a customer, vendor, and/or client purchases online at FTGMicro   using your organization's designated code, we will donate *10% - 50% of the proceeds from their order to your organization. Click here to receive a FREE Great Rewards Fundraising Kit and start earning money for your organization today!

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